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Business Success Coach Network is an international network of strong, experienced and certified coaches moving individuals and organisations forward. Working collectively we increase the success of organisations, individuals and our own practices worldwide, every day.

We currently have offices in 26 countries and work with clients across the globe. Each Associate Coach is an independent business person in the local community. United by common values and ethics, we serve the needs of organisations of all sizes, worldwide. Our coaches have worked with start-ups, helped turnarounds, family businesses and sole proprietorships. We do not use “pre-packaged programs” with a one-size-fits-all approach – we create a program for your specific needs and objectives.

The best executive coaches, the ones who can really help an executive to move forward, understand the heavy demands that their clients face every day. Our executive coaches have that perspective. We know what executives have to deal with each day. Many of our coaches have been executives or leaders themselves, augmenting their first-hand experience with executive coaching programs designed to help clients overcome roadblocks more quickly. With knowledge and awareness, performance and attitude change occurs.


The Science of Happiness at Work was developed by iOpener (Oxford, UK) to help individuals, teams and organisations to understand themselves at work, and to analyse what adds to and subtracts from their performance. Unlike other tools, it is not a psychometric test and does not measure personality. It examines individuals’ performance within their working context. It uses the level of happiness at work because happiness and performance are so closely related.

What is the value of being happy at work?

The iOpener People and Performance Questionnaire (IPPQ) will provide you with a structured approach to the components and associated elements that drive both performance and happiness at work. It will also outline clear indicators of what helps and what hinders you in your daily working environment. It will give you specific areas for you to target either in terms of improving or safeguarding what you already have.

What is the cost of misery in your organisation?

The IPPQ may either be self standing or serve as an introduction to fast-track a coaching process. It applies to both individuals and teams.
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